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Auditor General (CAG), the government is advised to compulsory hallmarking gold ornaments. Hallmarking of gold is currently voluntary. Gold jewelry is a testimony to the purity of the administrative unit and its Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is.

BIS Hallmarking Scheme Sunaron voluntary and limited access Jewellers faux gold jewelry purchases for the customers bear the risk.

BIS certification mandatory for Hallmarking Act has not been amended. The CAG said that his answer is not acceptable. BIS Hallmarking of gold mandatory that need to rise to his right. To amend the legislation, which is with the Ministry of Consumer Rights.

Be aware that, in January, the Cabinet has approved his amendment. It is yet to be tabled in Parliament. The purpose of this amendment to be made compulsory hallmarking of gold products, including the bring it on.

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