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In MCX Gold, present correction rally less likely to continue unless 27160 region  gives way, this would call for a swing lower towards 26900/680  with the participation of volume . If prices win over 27160 would elevate the possibility of a turn higher against 27260/27350 initially then to 27570.

After taking support just above the lower end of daily Bollinger  band i.e. 49750, Silver prices pulled back in the early session. Day’s bias  expect to resume the recovery moves towards 51100/51500 or even more. An unexpected sell off below 49700 would rekindle bearishness towards 47000 lat

The day's bias should stay largely range bound with mild positive bias. 27700-27560 would be the range we expect initially. Unexpected rise above 27700 could register fresh upside moves towards 27750/27930, mean while on downside it would be 27500.
The uptrend seen so far during the day may not continue unless consistently trade above 53500, else we would see a choppy session  with in the range of 53500-53750 levels.

We expect prices to resume the prevailing weakness towards  27500/27370 or even lower by holding the upside cap of 27780  region. But successful trades above 27800 region would hamper our bearish expectation and such moves could stretch to 27880/960  then top 28050. 

In Silver MCX early trades likely to cap 53500. If subsequent falls succeeds below  52500 expect steep falls towards 51900/51000 or even more. On the mean time, rallies above 54000 could attract short covering  rallies till 55750/56200 that we less expected the day

Though Gold managed to recover finally and closed in green but the broad negative bias is still intact. As far as MCX gold manages to hold 27700 level, a recovery move till 27850-28200 could be seen in today's trading session. A straight fall below 27350 can drag prices below 27000 level.

MCX Silver is also facing the same bearish trend. On Monday prices could not manage to close above 53000 level. Today, key support for Silver is seems to be 52450 which can cease the liquidation pressure in this precious metal. And below this level Silver may test 51900-51650 level soon. 54000 would be required to regain the bullish momentum in silver.