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Auditor General (CAG), the government is advised to compulsory hallmarking gold ornaments. Hallmarking of gold is currently voluntary. Gold jewelry is a testimony to the purity of the administrative unit and its Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is.

BIS Hallmarking Scheme Sunaron voluntary and limited access Jewellers faux gold jewelry purchases for the customers bear the risk.

BIS certification mandatory for Hallmarking Act has not been amended. The CAG said that his answer is not acceptable. BIS Hallmarking of gold mandatory that need to rise to his right. To amend the legislation, which is with the Ministry of Consumer Rights.

Be aware that, in January, the Cabinet has approved his amendment. It is yet to be tabled in Parliament. The purpose of this amendment to be made compulsory hallmarking of gold products, including the bring it on.

Commodity tips:

Gold and silver began in a weak node today in the domestic market. With a decline of 0.15 percent on MCX gold is trading at Rs 30,806. The silver has broken down 0.30 per cent and the price is currently at the level of 57,379. Gold and silver trading with a weak note in the international market .

MCX crude oil is too started in weakness today. With a fall of 0.25 percent, crude oil in the domestic market is trading at the price is above Rs 5,300. Crude oil is trading with weakness in the  international market too. Crude oil is trading with a decline of 0.5 per cent in the NYMEX.

Base metals too opened in the red mark today. Metals in the MCX have also been declined today. Aluminium, Copper and Lead are broken up 0.30 per cent. LME Copper also has a declining trend.

On NCDEX (December Chana futures) and the new wheat (December futures) are trading with a gain of 1 per cent. September Jeera futures gained 0.75 per cent is too. The Red Pepper September, October and November futures were 1.5-2.5 per cent low.

Commodity Tips for today

commodity and stock tipsCopper (MCX): Sell RS -424, -418 bucks target stoploss of Rs -428

Lead (MCX) -109.50 Sell RS, RS -108 target stoploss of Rs -110.50

Red pepper (October futures) NCDEX: Buy Rs -5730, -6290 RS target stoploss of Rs -5575

Crude Palm Oil (October futures) NCDEX: Buy RS -558, -572 bucks target stoploss of Rs -551

Stock tips for 30th August 2012

Jindal Steel Trading tip for today
Tata Steel Trading tip for today
Maruti suzuki Trading tip for today

In the domestic market, gold is trading below record levels. 4 months in the international market, gold is at record lows. With a slight fall on MCX gold is trading at Rs 30 925. 0.1 per cent, while silver is trading at Rs 57 540 with osteoporosis.

The eyes of the market hinge on U.S. GDP figures. The market in the August 31 meeting of the Federal Reserve is expected to announce Qi -3. That is why the gold in the domestic market with the international market is weak.

Slipped 0.5 percent on MCX crude oil is trading around Rs 5330. Weakness in base metals on MCX has taken over. 0.3 to 0.7 per cent in the base metals fell.

With 2.3 per cent on NCDEX turmeric is trading below Rs 6,100. Also with red pepper dropped 2.3 per cent is trading around Rs 5,050.

Commodities Investment Advice

MCX Gold (October Futures): Buy - 30900, stoploss - 30 850 and the target - 31 050

MCX Copper (August Futures): Buy - 425, stoploss - 428 and the target - 420

NCDEX Refined Soyatel (September Futures): Buy - 794, stoploss - 791 and the target - 798

NCDEX Cumin (Sept Futures): Buy - 14450, stoploss - 14300 and the target - 14700

MCX Gold (October Futures): Buy - from 30,850 to 30,880, stoploss - 30710 and the target - 31060/31110

Silver MCX (September Futures): Buy - from 57,250 to 57,300, stoploss - 56600 and the target - 58100/58300

NCDEX turmeric (September Futures): Buy - 6120, stoploss - 6020 and Goals - 6240-6260

NCDEX Chilli (September futures): Sell - 5030, stoploss - 5120 and target - 4900

MCX gold had reached its saturation point and now it has started falling down. MCX gold price has come down to Rs 31,000. MCX silver has also declined by nearly 1 per cent. In the U.S. QI- 3 has become an uncertainity. Expectations from QI -3 had created a boom in the gold and silver prices. Although gold ETF holdings increased to 2,451 tons.

gold prices todayWeakness in the rupee supports crude oil in the domestic market. But in international market crude oil prices are under pressure. U.S. Consumer Confidence figures are about to release today which has made crude oil slip on NYMEX. Currently, with a gain of 0.5 per cent on MCX crude oil is trading at Rs 5330.

Sharp decline in base metals has been recorded today. MCX Copper prices have lost 0.5 per cent. Copper on the London Metal Exchange was trading down 1 per cent. Other metals on MCX declined from 0.3 to 0.6 per cent.

Mustard is continues to decline today also. Today, about 0.5 per cent in futures trading is mustard. Good rains in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have increased pressure on the prices of mustard. Alwar, Dholpur, Dungarpur, Jhalawar, Barmer, Bundi and Chittorgarh are the areas where most of mustard cultivation. And these areas are getting good rains in the last 1 week. From October sowing mustard will start here.

Commodities investment advice

MCX Gold (October futures): Sell - 31000, stoploss - 31 150 and the target - 30800

MCX Silver (September Futures): Buy - 57 500, stoploss - 58 500 and the target - 56500/56000

MCX Crude oil (September futures): Sell - 5340-5350, stoploss - 5420 and target - 5280

MCX Copper (Nov Futures): Buy - 430-431, stoploss - 434 and the target - 426/424

MCX Zinc (August Futures): Buy - 103, stoploss - 104 Goal - 101

MCX Lead (August Futures): Buy - 108.50 stoploss - 110 Goal - 106

Precious metals prices are trading substantially higher on COMEX today. We expect a further
rise in the prices of precious metals on account of a further quantitative easing hopes by the
Fed officials. Buying at dips is recommended for the day.

MCX Gold Contracts

Coming back to the domestic market, MCX Gold was trading higher today. At 11.04 hours MCX Gold October contact climbed up by Rs. 317 and was trading at Rs. 30,634. The Gold intraday high was Rs. 30,699 and intraday low was Rs. 30,735.

Gold prices have risen to Rs. 1684 in the October contract so far.
gold tipsMCX Gold December contract was at intraday high of  Rs. 31,029 and an intraday low of Rs. 30,735. Currently the contract is trading with an increase of Rs. 320 at Rs. 30,997. So far the contract prices have increased by Rs.1,697, with 616 number of contracts been traded.

Similarly, the MCX Gold Feburary contract is been trading high with an increase of Rs. 318 at Rs.31,338. The contract is trading at an intraday high of Rs. 31,338 and an intraday low of Rs. 31,102. 21 contracts have been trade in the Feburary contract so far with an increase in the price of Rs. 143.

MCX Silver Contracts

Now the white metal, Silver prices on MCX swirled today.
The MCX Silver September contract was trading high with Rs.1,166 at Rs. 56,475. the intraday high of Rs. 56,481  and an intraday low Rs. 55,425. Silver prices have slipped by Rs. 3,925 in the September contract with 14682 contracts been traded.

MCX Silver December contract surged, it was trading high with Rs. 1,201 at Rs. 58,344. The intraday high was Rs. 58,350 and intraday low was Rs.57,400. Silver prices have declined by Rs. 4,666 in the December contract with 2781 contracts been traded so far.

MCX Silver contract climbed up Rs. 1056 at Rs.59,942. The contract touched an intraday high of Rs. 59,942 and an intrady low of Rs. 59,231. Silver prices have increased by Rs.3,147 with 121 contracts been traded so far.

Commodity Tips and Recommendations for 23rd August 2012:

1. MCX Gold: Buy on dips at Rs. 30,200, Stop loss at Rs. 30,070, initial target of Rs. 30, 350 and next      target at Rs. 30,600.
2. MCX Zinc: Short 100, Stop Loss 101 target 98
3. Crude MCX: Buy on dips at 5320-5330, Stop loss 5250 target 5450-5500.
4. Silver MCX: Buy at Rs, 54500 target 56000

Gold finally fell below Rs. 30,000 in the spot market on Thursday. there were many investors who had a eye on the Gold Spot prices. But though has started ranging in Rs. 29,000 but according to the analysts its still not an option for investing. Analysts predict the metal is not going to give a fruitful return, infact cautionary notes suggest that many gold investors may end up in losses.
Spot gold was ranging Rs. 29,872 on Thursday. 
The price of gold is now based on the  international market i.e. in US markets and the European market rather than on the fundamentals. The loss assumed on the investment of Gold is to be around 5-10%.
mcx gold tipsAccording to the reports of the world council, India's demand for gold has reduced by almost 38% since April-June from a year ago, while the average rise in price has been by 33%.
The reasons behind fall in the price of the yellow metal has been partially because of the strike by the jewellers' in March and April to protest against the increase in the exercise duty on the unbranded jewellery in the Union Budget. however, the major reason for the fall in the demand is due to the highness in the price.

Presently, many investors are investing in gold as it's considered to be a safe investment. But they are unaware of the fact or the risk which may arise if  the European or US economy recovers. If this happens these investors could move towards riskier investments, resulting in a crash in gold prices.
On the other hand, if these economies do not recover, gold prices have already moved to a level they cannot move beyond, leaving little scope for healthy returns.
"In India, investor demand is low. Demand is by consumers who are buying gold for social purposes like marriage," said Shah. So the sellers are eye pounding over the marriage season where they are expecting a rise in the sales of Gold.

Gold and silver business is slow today. Despite the weakness of the rupee, price of gold in the domestic market is not getting support. Gold on MCX is trading at Rs 30,135, while silver soared up further 0.30 percent is trading at Rs 53,513.

After a initial slowdown in the domestic market, crude oil prices surge nearly 0.5 per cent. The price is at Rs 5184. Domestic market, rupee is weak around 0.5 per cent against the dollar today is weak. The effect of this is also seen in crude oil prices today. Crude oil prices have increased in NYMEX by 0.5 per cent and prices are above 93 dollars a barrel.

gold silver tipsEuro zone bad economic statistics have affected in the prices of the base metals today. The base metal prices have fallen today. Copper prices have fallen at MCX and are around Rs.410. Copper on the London Metal Exchange is trading under $ 7400. Other metals have also been selling under pressure.

The castor seed (August, September, October-November) in futures are trading with a gain of 3-.35 percent. Cotton cake August and September futures are trading weak with 2.5-3 percent. AUGUST pepper futures lost 1.5 per cent.

Gold Silver Tips for 14th August 2012

Crude oil (MCX): Buy Rs -5100, -5060 stoploss of Rs Rs Rs goal -5200

Gold (MCX): Sell -30,160 to 30,180 rupees, stoploss of Rs Rs -30 350, -29 900 target Rs

Silver (MCX): Buy from -53,200 to 53,300 rupees, stoploss of Rs Rs -53 000, -53 700 target Rs

Copper (MCX): Sell -412-413 Rs Rs stoploss of Rs -415, -410-408 as targets

Gold recovered from the early losses, but it remained to in a tight range as trading was due to investors uncertain about whether central banks would act stimulate struggling economies.
MCX gold was trading with marginal gains, with 0.15 per cent up, MCX gold is now trading at Rs. 29,942 per 10 grams.
MCX Silver is also trading in green. MCX silver is at a gain of 0.25 per cent to Rs. 53,526.
mcx silverIn the international market, gold is trading with a marginal growth while silver has declined. In COMEX Gold has increased 0.20 per cent and is at  $1,616. However unlike the gold, silver is trading flat and is at $28 per ounce. Gold in the domestic market on Wednesday closed at Rs. 29,910 with a gain of 0.5 percent, while silver closed at Rs. 53,375.
Gold Futures contract was up by Rs.41 to Rs. 29,937 per 10 grams as the speculators increased on their  positions with a firm global trend.

At Multi Commodity Exchange, Gold December contract rose by Rs. 39 to Rs. 30,275 per 10 grams. 

The white metal too was trading high in the MCX today. MCX Silver contract delivery in September was at Rs.53,526 and was up Rs. 117. 
Similarly, the MCX Silver December contract rose up Rs. 89 and was at Rs.55,280.
MCX Silver March contract was climbed Rs. 51 today and was currently trading at Rs. 56,761.00

In domestic market, base metals are trading mixed today. Copper and lead are trading with a gain of 0.30 per cent, while there is a trend of slowdown in the zinc and nickel. Copper on the LME is trading with a gain of nearly 0.5 per cent.

MCX Commodity tips-

Silver (futures September) MCX: Buy Rs -53 200, -52 800 stoploss of Rs Rs Rs -54 000 goals

Copper (August futures) MCX: Buy RS -417, -414 stoploss of Rs Rs Rs goals -422

The bullion market is trading flat today. The precious metal Silver, is trading in mix. but it remains bias towards the negative edge. According to the experts Silver will remain negative as long as it crosses the Rs. 54,400 hurdle. Silver is likely to chase support around Rs. 53,230-53,160 and the resistance is at Rs. 53,450-53-525.
the another support level is around Rs. 53,230-53,190 and the resistance is around Rs. 53,480-53,525.

silver tipsSpot Silver prices were trading mix in the metro cities in the country. In the capital of the country, New Delhi market, Pure Silver (999 purity) was high by Rs. 200 at Rs.53500 while in Ahmedabad, the silver prices declined by Rs. 130 and were at Rs.53200.
Overall Silver was trading lower due to the global leads.
Silver contract for the September delivery slipped 0.26% and was trading at Rs.53,230 per kilogram.

Same was the case with Gold. Gold too was trading flat today. The October delivery contract was at Rs.29,802 per 10 grams. Whereas, in the international market Gold was trading up for the third continuous day.
Back to the domestic market, Gold's demand has still not increased. Prices are still being above Rs. 30,000 mark. Buyers are still being hesitant in buying the yellow metal.

Precious metals Trend today:

On Tuesday, MCX bullion market opened in green. the yellow metal was trading higher in the metro cities in the country. In Southern India, Chennai market, Standard gold (995 purity) increased by Rs 60 at Rs 30120 and pure gold (999 purity) was up Rs 60 at Rs 30240. 
In the eastern parts of the country Jaipur, market standard gold (995 purity) was up Rs 25 at Rs 30050 and pure gold (999 purity) was up Rs 25 at Rs 30075.
Gold prices remained steady today while the white metal bounced up by Rs. 200to Rs. 53500 per kg today. MCX Gold was trading at Rs. 32,200 per 10 grams.
Though the yellow metal was trading high today but its demand remained sluggish. The traders say the demand could be sluggish due the increase in the price of the gold. The gold prices crossing the Rs. 30,000 have led its sale down. buyers have now become reluctant in buying the precious yellow metal.
 Unlike the Gold, Silver has bounced back and have rose by Rs. 200. the demand of Silver is high among the buyers now.

According to the traders the rise in price for the white metal was due to the fresh buying by the stockists and jewellers for the fast approaching festive seasons.
In the international market, London, silver was up by 0.5% to USD 28.02 per ounce.
Back in the domestic market silver increased Rs. 200 to Rs. 53,500 per kilograms and the weekly based delivery by  Rs.100 to Rs. 53,370 per kilogram.

MCX Gold:

Spot gold  drifted  lower, pausing consolidations of  the last few days after the US Federal reserve dashed hopes of the forthcoming stimulus to boost up the abated economy. US Federal Reserve holds off offering more support to the economy, even though there was a strong rumor that the Fed will announce fresh bond buying program to take back the economy’s loosing momentum. Feeble economic
releases hurt the US economy with weaker than expected auto sales growth of 9 percent in July. However the dollar hit a one week high against a basket of currencies after the  Fed Reserve provided  little clues for fresh monetary easing. At the same time, investors are expecting more bold actions from the European Central Bank’s policy meeting today as their President pledged earlier that ECB will to
do everything within the bank’s mandate to hold the Euro zone together.The recent swing support of $1610 an ounce has cleared and prices are now attempting to break the key support of $1596 with volume.
MCX Gold tipsAfter repeated failed attempts to break the upside blockage of $1630 prices, diffused fresh buying momentum and drifted lower. Day’s bias is likely to resume the selling pressure but possibly find support at $1580 and turn higher. As per the current chart formation, direct dip below  $1578 will be required confirming short term bottoming. On a very broad basis prices  are  required to break  $1640-1530 regions to suggest fresh directional moves, else it likely to trade inside the region with mild volumes. The correlation between gold and Euro still stays above 0.75 the highest level seen from the start of this year. RSI is in neutral while oscillators stay well above the zero line.