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NCDEX evening updates:

NCDEX Castor Seed with growth of 1 per cent is trading at Rs. 3875.  Khali has climbed up around 1 per cent, Cotton December futures have surged down. NCDEX has seen the weakness in the spices. Cumin in December futures contract has slipped nearly 2 per cent to Rs 14,800. Turmeric and pepper declined by 1.5 per cent in the December futures.

NCDEX tips for today 17th Oct 2012

NCDEX Chana (November Futures): Buy - 4770-4775, stoploss - 4730 and target - 4850

NCDEX Chilli (November futures): Sell - 4895-4900, stoploss - 4958 and target - 4790

Commodity Market Evening Updates -

Watching the cues from global market and market sentiments, in the evening trade, we expect bullion metals and crude oil prices to trade firmly. On the additional note, weakness in DX may also work as a supportive factor for commodity market. On the Domestic Front, MCX Gold nearing towards rs 31100.

Gold Silver Recommendations By Experts :-

MCX Gold :- Buy at 30960, Stop loss 30900, Target 31060.
MCX Silver :- Buy at 59930, Stop loss 59700, Target 60200.

Silver selling pressure dominates, with a decline of 0.75 per cent in the domestic market silver is trading at Rs 60,745.

Crude oil prices are projected to decrease demand pressure remains. 2 per cent of China's crude oil imports in September fell. At MCX Mentha oil prices gained 2.25 per cent being.

MCX initial weakness in base metals is intact. All metals on MCX is trading with the red mark. Nickel has seen a decline of 0.65 per cent.
mcx tips
Despite the sharp decline in international market growth is being seen in NCDEX sugar futures in October. October sugar futures on NCDEX November futures is trading higher than Rs 100. Soybean yields due to the decline in prices is going to be under pressure. Although the domestic market at prices higher than the international market Soybin has declined. Sibot soybean prices slipped below $ 15.

MCX Tips for today:

Lead (MCX): Sell RS -115, -116 stoploss of Rs Rs Target -113

Silver (MCX): Sell -61 500 bucks stoploss of Rs -61 899, -60 800 bucks Target

Today in the commodity market mixed trend was seen in the base metals. The initial rapid decline was in copper. The lead and zinc are trading with losses, due to the selling pressure on the London Metal Exchange. Projected to decrease demand weakness in base metals pack.

With an increase of 0.25 per cent on MCX Copper is trading at Rs 435.75. Nickel has also gained 0.25 per cent. However, aluminum, lead and zinc slipped 0.1-0.5 per cent and are trading in red.

After yesterday's buoyancy, crude oil has come under pressure again. Both in the domestic and international markets business is weak. Today, the American Petroleum Institute report is forthcoming. It is believed that this time may be the crude oil stocks increases in U.S. The U.S. Energy Department report on Thursday will issue its report.

Gold and silver trading is now very weak. With a gain of 0.3 per cent on MCX gold is trading at
ncdex tipsRs 31,425. The slight decline with silver is trading flat at Rs 61,660.

Mounting position limit in the soy oil prices have gone up. Important thing is that soy oil prices in the international market is falling. Brazil and Argentina, including a record soybean crop this year is estimated to be in India. Affect in terms of currency, the highest in the country imported palm oil prices rose less than soy oil.

NCDEX soy oil at the moment with a gain of 1 per cent is trading above Rs 660. Gram festive season demand estimated to have support. Chana on NCDEX moved up 1.5 per cent to Rs 4,470 with doing business.

Commodity Tips Advice for 10th October 2012

MCX Gold (December futures): Sell - 31420, stoploss - 31 570 and the target - 31200

MCX Lead (October futures): Sell - 118.50 stoploss - and target 119.50 - 116.50

NCDEX soybean (November Futures): Buy - 3240, stoploss - 3170 and target - 3300

The decline in the international market had a negative effect on the bullion metals in the domestic market. The precious metal were in a state of weakness in case of  the gold and silver. In COMEX gold and silver than declined from 1.5 per cent and 0.4 per cent respectively. NYMEX, the crude oil slipped 0.5 per cent. Copper on the London Metal Exchange has weakened 0.6 percent.

The slight fall on MCX gold is trading at Rs 31,150. The silver is down 0.6 per cent to Rs 61,440 apart. With marginal gains of 0.1 per cent on MCX Crude oil is trading at Rs 4,680. 0.5-1 per cent decline in base metals on MCX is seen.

Meanwhile on NCDEX chilli declined by 1.5 per cent. 0.5 per cent in the cumin and turmeric has weakened. However, mustard and sugar on NCDEX has gained 1.5 percent.

Commodities Investment Advice

MCX Copper (Nov Futures): Buy - 435, stoploss - 438 and the target - 429

MCX Silver (December futures): Sell - 62 350, stoploss - 62 696 and the target - 61500

NCDEX Chilli (November futures): Sell - 5175, stoploss - 5200 and target - 5110

NCDEX Cotton (April futures): Buy - 919, stoploss - 909 and the target - 945

International market is trading flat in case of the bullion metals. The yellow metal and the white metal both were trading flat in the international market. In the COMEX gold was seen with a sluggish    sluggish gold is seen, although the price per ounce in 1797. Above $ 35 per ounce, while silver is currently trading flat.

International crude oil prices continue to pressure. NYMEX crude oil is trading down 0.20 percent down, prices are currently above 91 dollars a barrel.

London Metal Exchange (LME), with a gain of 0.30 per cent Copper was traded.

Buy and Sell advice for today:

1. Gold (December futures) MCX: Buy Rs -31 020 stoploss of Rs -30 900, -31 050 bucks Target

2. Silver (December futures) MCX: Buy Rs -61 890 stoploss of Rs -61 600, -62 400 bucks Target

free trialSpeculation in gold business at global level, which led to the growing trend of investors. During the trading price of gold climbed to 1791.20 dollars per ounce, which is the highest level since November 2011. However, it was trading at 1778.89 dollars per ounce.

Traders said gold tone of the market is hard to predict, but soon it could 1,800.00 per ounce mark. After showing flashes of gold has led to an increase in the strength of the euro. Figures to be released in the U.S. at the end of the week the job. They are expected to be positive. This has seen a rise in gold prices.

On the domestic bullion market here on account of Gandhi Jayanti was a holiday. Gold prices remain at record levels in the country. Subscriptions are out of this recession and investors. On the last business day of the gold price per ten grams to Rs 31,750 were registered. Silver price was Rs. 62,565 per kg.

During trading, guineas buying and selling prices remain unchanged and were constant. Traders say that the spot market is the lack of subscription. However, the new deal is being sought is more silver than gold. The silver prices are high.