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share tipsGold and silver trading in the international market is weak. COMEX gold dropped 0.5 per cent to $ 1766, while silver broke nearly 1 percent to $ 34 per ounce level. Slowdown in the domestic market last week with gold closed at Rs. 31,223, while silver ended at Rs. 62,819 with a flat trading.

Crude oil slipped nearly 1 percent on NYMEX, the price is around 91 dollars a barrel. MCX last week, crude oil closed slightly down on 4825 levels.

London Metal Exchange (LME) copper slipped nearly 1 per cent on though Copper rose 0.26 per cent in the domestic market last week and closed above Rs 441.

Commodity MCX Tips for today:

1. Gold (December futures) MCX: Sell -31,550 to 31,600 rupees stoploss of Rs -31 700, -31 400 bucks Target

2. Crude oil (October Futures) MCX: Rs Sell -4910 to 4920 with stoploss of Rs -4970, -4820 Rs Target

Continued fluctuations in foreign markets and domestic demand is been observed. In the domestic bullion market gold price was down to three-week low. However, silver remained at the old price. Gold declined by Rs 250 per Rs. 31,850 in the local market fell ten grams. Gold reached to the lowest level  since September 3rd. Silver price were per kilo to Rs 60,600 remained stagnant.

Gold tipsIn London on the last day of trading in London during the gold recovered from the decline of 0.2 per cent to $ 1755.69 per ounce as entered.Meanwhile, silver rose 0.3 per cent to 34.04 dollars per ounce. Here, not gold offtake in the domestic market at the local level with a loss of Rs 31,850 to Rs 250 per ten grams left. Since September 3 gold has reached to the minimum level of Rs.31,610 rupees per ten grams.

Guinea also declined by Rs 50 to Rs 25,400 per cent. Silver remained at Rs. 60,600 rupees per kg. Silver coins were increased to Rs 1,000. Silver coin buying and selling at Rs. 77,000 and Rs. 78,000 rupees hundred. Businesses that do not subscribe to the local market. Traders complain about not having much customers in the market. Demand of the Bullion metals is low. Retailers are hesitant to come to the market. However, the festive season demand for jewellery is expected to increase.

Inspite of global level consistency between the domestic bullion market,  live gold - silver prices gained momentum today.
In the local market, gold gained Rs 160 to Rs 32,110 per ten grams crossing the mark level of  32 thousand . Silver too gained Rs 300 to Rs 60,700 per kg.

gold tips for todayAccording to information received from London, the international trade in gold was constant. Gold rose 0.1 percent to 1767.89 dollars per ounce. During the session at $ 34.03 an ounce, silver rose 0.3 percent. Market analysts say that, according to figures released by the International Monetary Fund in July fiercely central banks have been buying gold.

After the arrival of the IMF Statistics signs of revival in gold. The last few days had been turned to gold, but he showed it free.The gold was then 32 Hazari. Gold gained Rs 160 to Rs 32,110 per ten grams were spoken. Guinea gained Rs 50 to Rs 25,450.

Silver rose to Rs 300 per kg to Rs 60,700 registered. Silver coins firmed up to Rs 1,000 Coin buying and selling 76,000 77,000 rupees per cent are over. Businesses that do not subscribe to the local market. Customers are insisting on exchange. Remain far from wholesaler market. Retailers are hesitant to come to the market. All prices await correction.

NCDEX tips
Low demand in the international market for the precious metal effected the domestic market too. The yellow metal slipped Rs. 190 and reached the level of Rs. 31,950 and the white metal had the adverse effect and dropped Rs. 800 to Rs. 60,400 per kg.

According to information received from London, international business, gold dropped 0.8 per cent to 1758.51 dollars per ounce. Decline in silver was recorded more than gold. Silver fell 1.7 percent to $ 33.84 per ounce. Market analysts say the rise in the dollar was the reason for the fall in the bullion market maintaining the pressure on the stock and commodity markets.

The decline in overseas markets and locally the Rupee weakening growth in the past week is probably the reason for decline in the share market. Almost two weeks after gold descended below the level of 32 thousand. Gold prices fell by Rs 190 to Rs 31,950 per ten gram. Guinea too descended Rs 50 to Rs 25,400 recorded. No demand from silver Rs 800 per kg to Rs 60,400 slipped spoken.

Silver coins lost Rs 2,000 per cent. 75,000 to Rs 76,000 for buying and selling coins per cent are over.
Because of the high price of bullion traders subscribe to disappear from the market. People are waiting for lower prices. Asking bulk assay, while retail demand in coming.

The first trading day of the week and the selling pressure in the international commodity market has been unleashed. Gold has finally rose up in the international market. Crude oil has slipped on NYMEX.

NCDEX TipsCurrently gold has slipped 1 percent in the COMEX at the moment, and is trading at 1,763 dollars per ounce. COMEX broke about 2 per cent on the Silver level has fallen to below 34 dollars per ounce. Copper on LME declined by 0.75 per cent.

Meanwhile NYMEX slipped 1 percent on crude oil is trading at 92 dollars a barrel. Brent crude on the ICE dropped 1 percent to $ 110.50 an ounce at with doing business.

Commodity Advice for Monday:

MCX Crude oil (October futures): Sell - 4980, stoploss - 5020 and target - 4900

MCX Gold (October futures): Sell - 31550, stoploss - 31 700 and the target - 31300

Not only in India but throughout the world, investment in gold  has become the first choice of the world gold investors. That is why the investors are more keen in investing in the bullion market rather than stock market especially to invest in the yellow metal is increasing toll. Investors who meet the expected returns of investing in gold has doubled in the past three years. Industry organization is according to a study by ASSOCHAM.

MCX tipsAccording to the survey reports, whoever has invested from August to September between 2009 had invested their money in gold has now doubled their money. So over the world including India, gold is rising rapidly. On the other hand, this term investor in the equity market decline. Especially the smaller mid - cap stocks investing in retail investors have suffered much.

Three years back, the price of gold used to be around Rs. 15000-20000 which has now grown upto Rs.32,000.In 2009-10, the benchmark stock market index was at Rs.17,711 which is still the same after 3 years which remains more or less the case today. This is because the bank interest rate equal to the stock market investors could not get back the amount.

ASSOCHAM Secretary General DS Rawat said international uncertainty caused by domestic or global investors to invest in gold now looks the safest option. Investing in gold is likely to continue to grow rapidly. In the last financial year, nearly 60 billion dollars in the country was importing gold.


Strength in base metals have been noticed. London Metal Exchange copper prices have once again gone beyond $ 8,300. Rapid effect of the London Metal Exchange on the domestic market is also being witnessed. However MCX Aluminum fell 0.2 per cent. There is 0.25-0.5 per cent in the rest of the metals. Currently, with a gain of 0.25 per cent on MCX Copper is trading at Rs 453.30.

Following Thursday's sharp fall in crude oil has been rising. Hence, despite the weakness in the rupee has gained in MCX crude oil. NYMCX the crude oil above $ 94 is gone. With Brent crude is trading above $ 110. The 0.4 per cent on MCX crude oil is trading at Rs 5040 with strength.

Gold and silver trading is sluggish today. Rupee being weak as against dollar, strong pressure is being witnessed in gold and silver. Currently, with a decline of 0.2 per cent on MCX gold is trading at Rs 31 860. While the silver is trading flat at Rs 64,370.

Today there is a sharp decline in red pepper, red pepper yield this year, nearly 15 per cent is expected to come. The expiry date is September futures.

Commodity Tips:

MCX Copper (Nov Futures): Buy - 454.50 stoploss - 452 and the target - 458/461

MCX Nickel (September Futures): Buy - 975, stoploss - 961 and the target - 993/1000

MCX Zinc (September Futures): Buy - 113.10 stoploss - 112.20 and target - 114.20/115

MCX Lead (September Futures): Buy - 122.10 to 122.20, stop - and target 121.20 - 123.20 to 124

MCX Aluminum (September Futures): Buy - 113.30 stoploss - 112.40 and target - 114.50/115

MCX Crude oil (October Futures): Buy - 5045-5047, stoploss - 5010 and Goals - 5088/5110

Natural Gas MCX (September Futures): Buy - 152.50 stoploss - 150 and Goals - 155/156.50

MCX Gold (October Futures): Buy - from 31,885 to 31,890, stoploss - 31800 and the target - 31995/32050

MCX Silver (December futures): Buy - from 64,340 to 64,350, stoploss - 64100 and the target - 64740/64950

NCDEX chillies (October futures): Sell - 5480-5510, stoploss - 5700 and target - 5150

ncdex tips

Indian rupee has strengthened against the dollar by 1.5 per cent today. The trick of changing currency in the domestic commodity markets has increased the pressure on the prices of gold and silver. International market has seen a boom in gold and silver, while the domestic market  a declining trend in gold and silver is been observed.

Currently, nearly 1 per cent on MCX gold is trading at Rs 31,650 with. 0.75 per cent, while silver is trading at Rs 63,880 with weakness. Slipped 0.5 percent on MCX crude oil is trading below Rs 5,000. MCX mixed in the base metals business is being witnessed. Aluminum, Copper and Nickel are traded with weakness in the recorded increase in lead and zinc.

Meanwhile on NCDEX chillies September futures rose by 2 per cent and the price is close to Rs 5,000. With nearly 2 per cent from the pepper is trading at Rs 43 250. Chinese around 1.5 per cent to Rs 3,600 has risen strongly. Cotton missed on the NCDEX December, January and March futures declined by 2.5-3 per cent.

Commodity tips for today

MCX Silver (December futures): Buy - 64250, stoploss - 63 850 and the target - 64 950

Natural Gas MCX (September Futures): Buy - 153, stoploss - 150 Goal - 158

MCX Mentha Oil (September futures): Sell - 1200, stoploss - 1240 and target - 1100

Soyatel NCDEX (October futures): Sell - 740, stoploss - 752 and the target - 720

Rise in price for the bullions in the internatinal market, domestic bullion market price of precious metals gold - silver was on its way up again. Local market at Gold reached a level of Rs 32,500 per ten gram, gold has surged to Rs 200. Silver prices moved up by Rs 500 to Rs 62,000 per kg reached.

According to jewelry traders, from the local level demand for precious metals is not increasing so the prices are fluctuating by external approach, i.e., through international market.
Gold Tips
Since the last two days of trading the international bullion market was trading bearish but after the decision of Bank of Japan to buy the bonds made bullion market flourish and the prices in the precious metal, i.e. gold and Silver were also seen increasing. Gold reached at $1,779 per ounce and Silver also gained 0.43 percent to $ 34.93 an ounce in London.

Gold gained Rs 200 to Rs 32,500 per ten gram reached. Gold coins also gained Rs 100 to Rs 25,500 per eight grams.

Silver too gained Rs.500 and reached to Rs. 62,000 again. Firmed up to Rs 2,000 per hundered silver coins also gained. Silver coin buying and selling 78,000 to 79,000 rupees per cent. According to traders in the market at the moment is the lack of retail subscriptions, but come close to the festive season has started out seeking to buy wholesale.

Bullion Tips

Gold showed a bullish trend in the international market though it was weak in the domestic market. Gold rose by Rs 25 per 10 grams in the local market to Rs. 32,525. while the white metal showed no uptrend and stayed at its previous trading price. Silver price per kilo remained constant at Rs 61,900.

silver tips
Gold Silver Tips
Gold in global markets remains strong. Traded in London Metal exchange at $ 1768.70 an ounce of gold was recorded during the top level is close to six and a half months record. However, due to the decrease in the demand of Silver to $ 34.49 per ounce. The white metal fell 0.3 per cent.

Federal Reserve better employment outlook in the U.S. economy $ 40 billion every month until the pump was announced. The atmosphere was encouraging in worldwide markets. However, despite the boom in overseas markets local bullion gold - silver prices showed a relatively moderate weakness.

In the local market, gold gained Rs 25 to Rs 32 525 per ten gram reached. Guinea continued to Rs 25,450. Silver remained at Rs. 61,900 per kg. Silver coins lost Rs 1,000. Silver coin buying and selling was decreased. The buying of Silver coins were at Rs.77,000 and the Selling was at Rs. 78,000 per hundred.

Inspite of the rise of precious metals in the international markets, gold and silver prices weakened in the domestic market. The yellow metal, fell as much as Rs.  Rs 400 per ten gram in the bullion market in Delhi, while the white metal declined Rs 100 per kg. Gold in the domestic market came down to Rs 32,500 per ten gram in the bullion market, while silver was at Rs. 61,900 per kg.

Last Day Fridays only ten grams of gold per was at Rs. 32 ,900 was still at the highest levels. Rs 62,000 per kg of silver, was at the highest level. 1770.20 dollars per ounce gold abroad at the end of Friday entered on the Thursday after the Federal Reserve announced that six months was the highest level of 1777.51 dollars per ounce.

Inspite of the acceleration in the precious metals in the international market, the prices of the yellow and white metal fell down in the domestic market. 

Gold declined by Rs 50 and reached to Rs. 32,450 in the local market per ten grams. Silver prices too  slipped to Rs 500 per kg to Rs 61,500 were recorded.
According to information received from London due to the boom in the European market , the yellow metal, i.e, gold rose 0.5 percent to 1732.89 dollars per ounce. Silver rose 0.8 percent to 33.58 dollars per ounce.
silver tipsSubscriptions due to the high price of gold in the local bullion market declined by Rs 50 to Rs 32,450 per ten grams. Despite the declining trend in gold is, Guinea gained Rs 100 to Rs 25,500. Silver is showing a declining trend. Silver slipped to Rs 500 per kg to Rs 61,500 as registered.

Silver coins gained Rs 1,000 per hundred. Silver coin buying and selling was at Rs. 78,000 and Rs. 79,000  per cent are over. Gold was trading under pressure  in the Asian market, while in the European market it was at a boom. Due to the high prices sellers are not finding much buyers for gold and silver in the domestic market. Wholesalers are also cautious.

Despite being stable in the international market, the yellow metal rose Rs. 50 and reached a level of Rs. 32,500 per 10 grams in the country's capital, New Delhi yesterday.  The white metal also steadied itself by Rs. 200 and was at Rs. 62,000 per kg.
Silver prices
While in the international market, in London, gold fell 0.1 per cent to $1,733.75 per ounce and Silver rose 0.1 percent to $33.69 per ounce.

Price of the precious metals-Silver and Gold rose in the domestic market due to the boom in the prices in the overseas market.

The gold coin, "Guinea" also gained Rs. 100 to reach at Rs.25,400 per eight grams. Silver trading was seen in a better pace.

While silver futures surpassed the level of 64 thousand reached 64 230 per kg. Despite the rapid buying silver coins - Rs 77000-77000 per cent on the selling price remained stable. Traders say that the subscription is not due to higher prices, but the effect of the recent surge is internationally visible. The pressure from Rupee is also having an adverse impact on the rise in price of gold .

mcx tipsGold price has reached a new height. MCX October Gold futures touched a record level of Rs 32,026. The silver gained 0.5 per cent to Rs 64,280 is currently being and sense. The slight decline in the international market in gold, while silver has seen marginally faster.
Crude oil remains firmly in first. With a gain of 0.25 per cent on MCX Crude oil is currently trading at Rs 5,326. NYMEX crude oil is marginally falling. The price is 93 dollars per barrel.
Initial rapid persisted in base metals is been observed, MCX Copper price has gone up to Rs 450, while on the LME copper is trading above $ 8,000. Nickel gained 0.75 per cent in the domestic market is. The nickel and zinc gained 0.30 per cent was recorded.
September futures on NCDEX Castor Seed is served over 4 per cent upper circuit. The September barley futures are falling nearly 4 per cent.
Here's what's gotten into Commodity Opportunity -
Silver (MCX): Sell -64 700 bucks, stoploss -65 100, -64 000 bucks goal
Crude oil (MCX): Sell Rs -5350, -5390 stoploss, target Rs -5280
Copper (MCX): Sell RS -451, -453 stoploss, target Rs -445

Gold today has again set a new record. MCX Gold 31 524 rupees per 10 grams is reaching new record levels. In the spot market price of gold has gone beyond Rs 31,850. COMEX, gold has reached to $ 1,698 per ounce, which is the highest level in 6 months.

copper tipsHowever, in today's business due to weakening of the euro against the dollar, gold seems sluggish. Also on Tuesday, the U.S. economic figures are even worse because of the pressure on gold. In August, the U.S. manufacturing figures are the lowest in 3 years.

According to Nirmal Jain, chairman of India Infoline makes sense to invest in gold.

The silver is approaching record levels of 7 months. Although the dollar rally was stopped because silver is currently booming. Currently, with a decline of 0.2 per cent on MCX silver is trading at Rs 60 475. MCX Copper fluctuation seems to continue. Even in base metals on MCX have gained 0.1-0.5 per cent.

Weak manufacturing data coming from the world is to get pressure on crude oil. NYMEX on both on and MCX Crude oil is a slow business. Hurricane Isaac 710,000 barrels a day of oil production in the U.S. has stalled. Currently 0.25 per cent on MCX crude oil is trading at Rs 5330 with.

Special margin of 10 per cent growth in the Chinese domestic market, despite being released. Still on NCDEX sugar has gained 0.5 percent. On the ICE raw sugar has slipped to a low of 3 months.

After showing a slowdown monsoon has once again gained momentum. On Monday, about 105 mm of rain was recorded across the country, 45 per cent above normal.

According to the weather department at Monsoon worry still remains in many areas. There are many areas of the country, which have suffered 32 per cent less rainfall this year. June-September 647 mm rainfall across the country by 12 per cent, which is lower than normal.

The lack of rain over Saurashtra, Kutch, Gujarat and Punjab have been maximum this year. Cotton sowing was low this year due to the low rainfall in Kutch
In Rajasthan and Punjab too, the sowing of cotton is reduced. However, the cultivation of cotton in Andhra Pradesh has 20 per cent increased.

Farmers in Rajasthan and Punjab have increased their attention on guar farmers. Sowing of soybean in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra have been increased. Andhra Pradesh have  sown tur for Rs 4.25 lakh hectares .

silver trading tipsMeteorological Department Director, Laxman Singh Rathore says that from August to September the monsoon has improved. More rain is expected in the coming days. Monsoon estimates can touch the target of 92 per cent.

Anand Rathi Commodities, senior vice president, says Kishore Narne terms of revenue is expected to rise in cotton and soybean cake. The maize, turmeric and wheat may appear in the lower level.

Commodity Recommendations:

1.  MCX copper can be bought on dips to Rs 428 with a stop loss of Rs 425 and a target of around Rs 433.
2. On intraday basis, gold could be sold at around Rs 31,360 with a stop loss of Rs 31,460 for a target of Rs 31,160

Precious metals prices are trading little changed on COMEX today. We expect a further rise in
the prices of precious metals on account of a weaker US dollar overseas. Buying at dips is
recommended for the day.
Precious metals prices surged higher with gold surged 2 percent in heavy trading on Friday to a five-month high, and looked set to resume its years-long rally after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake's key speech raised hopes of a new round of monetary stimulus for the U.S. economy.

Gold tipsMCX Gold, October contract opened at Rs. 30,800. The contract reached an intraday high of Rs. 31,231 and intraday low of Rs. 30,656. The contract rose up by Rs. 369 or 1.20 percentage change.

MCX Silver September contract opened at Rs. 56865.The contract reached an intraday high of Rs. 58,517 and intraday low of Rs.  56,613. The contract rose up by Rs. 605 or 1.06 percentage change.

Holdings in the world's largest silver backed exchange-traded fund iShares Silver Trust stood at 9671.60 tonnes by Aug 31, down by 49.73 tonnes from the previous business day.

Hedge funds and money managers boosted their gold's net longs by 21,063 to 131,687 lots, and they also raised silver's net longs by 8,075 to 25,527 contracts last week.