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NCDEX tips
Low demand in the international market for the precious metal effected the domestic market too. The yellow metal slipped Rs. 190 and reached the level of Rs. 31,950 and the white metal had the adverse effect and dropped Rs. 800 to Rs. 60,400 per kg.

According to information received from London, international business, gold dropped 0.8 per cent to 1758.51 dollars per ounce. Decline in silver was recorded more than gold. Silver fell 1.7 percent to $ 33.84 per ounce. Market analysts say the rise in the dollar was the reason for the fall in the bullion market maintaining the pressure on the stock and commodity markets.

The decline in overseas markets and locally the Rupee weakening growth in the past week is probably the reason for decline in the share market. Almost two weeks after gold descended below the level of 32 thousand. Gold prices fell by Rs 190 to Rs 31,950 per ten gram. Guinea too descended Rs 50 to Rs 25,400 recorded. No demand from silver Rs 800 per kg to Rs 60,400 slipped spoken.

Silver coins lost Rs 2,000 per cent. 75,000 to Rs 76,000 for buying and selling coins per cent are over.
Because of the high price of bullion traders subscribe to disappear from the market. People are waiting for lower prices. Asking bulk assay, while retail demand in coming.


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