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Gold recovered from the early losses, but it remained to in a tight range as trading was due to investors uncertain about whether central banks would act stimulate struggling economies.
MCX gold was trading with marginal gains, with 0.15 per cent up, MCX gold is now trading at Rs. 29,942 per 10 grams.
MCX Silver is also trading in green. MCX silver is at a gain of 0.25 per cent to Rs. 53,526.
mcx silverIn the international market, gold is trading with a marginal growth while silver has declined. In COMEX Gold has increased 0.20 per cent and is at  $1,616. However unlike the gold, silver is trading flat and is at $28 per ounce. Gold in the domestic market on Wednesday closed at Rs. 29,910 with a gain of 0.5 percent, while silver closed at Rs. 53,375.
Gold Futures contract was up by Rs.41 to Rs. 29,937 per 10 grams as the speculators increased on their  positions with a firm global trend.

At Multi Commodity Exchange, Gold December contract rose by Rs. 39 to Rs. 30,275 per 10 grams. 

The white metal too was trading high in the MCX today. MCX Silver contract delivery in September was at Rs.53,526 and was up Rs. 117. 
Similarly, the MCX Silver December contract rose up Rs. 89 and was at Rs.55,280.
MCX Silver March contract was climbed Rs. 51 today and was currently trading at Rs. 56,761.00

In domestic market, base metals are trading mixed today. Copper and lead are trading with a gain of 0.30 per cent, while there is a trend of slowdown in the zinc and nickel. Copper on the LME is trading with a gain of nearly 0.5 per cent.

MCX Commodity tips-

Silver (futures September) MCX: Buy Rs -53 200, -52 800 stoploss of Rs Rs Rs -54 000 goals

Copper (August futures) MCX: Buy RS -417, -414 stoploss of Rs Rs Rs goals -422


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