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 Gold Silver News- 29 June, 2012

After the bloodbath seen in bullion metals yesterday, Silver has seen some recovery and it has witnessed an upside of nearly 1%. Gold has to suffer due to rupee strengthening against Dollar. With Slight decline, MCX Gold is trading at 29636 level. However Precious metals in the International market are trading higher but gold prices in MCX are still trading with red mark. Aa buoyancy in prices could be seen in domestics Gold Silver during evening trades.

Technical support for MCX Gold is 29580 below which gold commodity can extend yesterday's  bearishness to 29400-29350 level. 29750 is Acting as stiff resistance for upside.

For Intraday, traders can buy Silver above 52250 for the targets of 52500-52750-5300 but a trader below 52000 would give a red signal for selling position.


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